Queen City Manufacturing Strategic Partners

QCM has partnered with BASF to become one of the largest converters of melamine foam in North America.

Our strategic partnership with BASF as one of only a limited number of authorized melamine foam converters, coupled with Queen City Manufacturing’s incredible product line, has led to QCM quickly becoming one of the largest melamine foam converters in the world.

BASF - The Chemical Company
BASF The Chemical Company

BASF is the world’s leading chemical company. With about 110,000 employees and close to 385 production sites worldwide they serve customers and partners in almost all countries of the world.

BASF produces Basotect which is an open-cell foam based on melamine resin with a unique range of properties. BASF has developed a new cleaning version of its melamine resin foam Basotect. The new grade is called Basotect W. It cleans even more efficiently and is whiter.

BASF manufactures the melamine resin foam in the form of blocks for foam converters to process.

melamine foam converter

Partnership Opportunities

Interested in partnering with us? Queen City Manufacturing is always on the lookout for mutually beneficial strategic partnership opportunities.

As North America’s largest melamine foam converter we are the ideal choice in forming a long term partnership. Opportunities we would be interested in include product development, rep groups, product alliances and supply chain. Drop us a line, we want to hear from you!