Queen City Manufacturing, Inc. has the flexibility to produce sponges in a variety of sizes.

"Unbelievable" has been the response when consumers have been asked to describe their experience with the melamine cleaning sponge, which is comparable to the melamine sponges currently marketed Procter & Gamble and 3M.

Eraser Sponge
Eraser Sponge

A versatile melamine foam sponge which has an incredible array of cleaning capabilities and uses.

  Sandwich Eraser
Sandwich Eraser

This durable sandwich sponge is comprised of both melamine and polyurethane for unparalleled cleaning.

Shaminator Eraser Sponge
Shaminator Eraser

This unique sponge combines a liquid absorbing shammy side with a melamine foam side.

  Scrubby Erasers
Scrubby Erasers

A dual purpose eraser sponge with a melamine side and an abrasive coarse side tough cleaning.

Doodle Bug Erasers
Eraser Pad Refill Packs

A multilayer melamine cleaning pad with corsepore & polyurethane formulated for hard flooring.

  Extra Strength Compressed Melamine
Extra Power Compressed

Queen City now produces Extra Strength Compressed Melamine Eraser Sponges made of BASF foam.

Floor Pads
Floor Pads

Our melamine floor pads are both flexible and deep cleaning and come in a variety of diameter sizes.

  Shammy Towels
Shammy Towels

This multipurpose chamois towel offers the absorbency of a sponge with the versatility of a towel.

Printed Clear Poly Wrap
Printed Clear Poly Wrap

Private label or brand our sponges with our ability to offer both printed and clear poly wrap packaging.

  Hydro Scrub Sponges
Monster Scrubby Sponges

Remains hard in cold water and soft in hot water. We can customize size, shape and color to meet your needs.


Success Stories
Kevin A., Cleveland OH

A quick turnaround and superior product makes us a customer for life...

  • Melamine foam produced by BASF
  • Chemical free easy cleaning
  • Robust private label offerings
  • Incredible savings to your company
  • Only the highest quality material